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Digital Savvy Marketing

Helping food bloggers increase their online presence and revenue. Through strategic digital marketing, we specialize in increasing your website traffic, helping you with sponsorship, and establishing a robust online presence for your food blog site.

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SEO services

Search Engine Optimization

Helping your website rank higher through organic searches using a personalized strategy for your business.

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We will use a unique search engine strategy to find relevant keywords for your website and/or products, and generate organic traffic. Our main goal is to increase the visibility of your website, rank higher in search engine results, and help you turn your visitors into customers.

Virtual Assistant Services

Marketing Virtual Assistant

Helping you with your marketing and admin needs in your business. Our Virtual assistants have at least 2 years of experience in the industry and work under a career manager who monitors and helps them with their daily tasks.

Our Marketing Virtual Assistants (Savvies)

Copywriter VA service

Copywriter VA

Our VA helps you manage your articles, blogs, or social media captions. They’ll take care of researching, writing, and editing your content as well as publishing it to your website or social media accounts.

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Our writers will curate content for your website or social media platforms and post it during the best time and best days that the audience can actively engage. Depending on your needs, they will also constantly update blogs, publish fresh articles, and engage with your readers.

Lead Generation services

Lead Generation VA

Looking for your next lead? Our VA can provide you with well-researched and up-to-date data to help you find your potential customers.

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Lead Generation is absolutely essential to keep the business growing. Our Lead Generation VA will generate leads (potential customers) for you with your services or products in mind, making sure that we are looking for the right audience, and converting them into paying clients.

General Virtual assistant services

General VA

Overwhelm with your daily tasks? Our General VA will help you with admin tasks so you can focus more on the important side of your business.

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Virtual Assistants is great quality support to successful entrepreneurs, with that it is their responsibility to manage minor tasks like organizing your calendar schedules, taking minutes of meetings, doing the data entry, and even updating CRM and other General office admin tasks to make your work life easier.

Website Design services

Website Design and Maintenance VA

Do you want to take your website to the next level? Our VA can help you attract clients using your well-designed and maintained website.

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With an intermediate-advanced knowledge in Web designing, Our VA will develop and manage your website/s while applying your branding kit and ensure that websites are searchable on search engines.

Social Media services

Social Media Marketing VA

Are you tired of managing your social media channel?  Our social media virtual assistants can take over this task for you.

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Our Social Media Specialist will create content by targeting the right target market for your company’s products and services. They will also create a strategy to grow your followings organically and provide a content calendar for you to view for transparency.

email marketing services

Email Marketing VA

Creating email copies, email templates and scheduling them on your preferred platform for your email campaigns. While making constant improvement as well as monitoring them regularly.

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Along with a free email marketing strategy, our VA will help you implement it and help grow your business by reaching out to your potential clients (inbound or outbound email marketing). They’ll create templates and copies, campaigns to increase conversions and sales that generate faster Return of Investments.

Facebook and Instagram Ads services

Facebook/Instagram Ad Expert VA

Be consistent with your branding. Our Ad expert VA will help you strategize and plan your Facebook or Instagram Ads to increase your monthly revenues.

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Paid Ads play a vital role in one’s business especially if you’re competing with big brands. This is where you reach more audiences by telling them a unique story so they’ll buy your products or services. Our VA will help you build a brand that will stand out and gain a large increase in market competition.

Customer Support services

Customer Support/Appointment Setter VA

Overwhelmed with flooding inquires every day? Need an appointment booked each week? Maybe it’s time you get yourself a Customer support VA.

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Running a business is not easy. You have to deal with complaints from your customers, answer inquires, or need at least 1 appointment book in a week. Our customer support VA can help you with all these tasks so you can focus more on the other aspect of your business.

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